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2 julio, 2004


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Esta noche Ramón ha estado realmente inspirado y ha enviado un correo a socios con algunos caso de éxito que ha recopilado la gente de OO.org. A mi personalmente ya no me da la memoria para acordarme de todos los casos de éxito que surgen todos los días.

Lo meto en el extendido de la noticia.


Ontario offers Sun’s StarOffice to students
«The Ontario Ministry of Education has acquired Star Office 7 licences
from Sun Microsystems Canada for all the province’s 72 public and
Catholic school boards, The Star Office productivity suite is being
described as part of a movement to deliver superior technology to
students while keeping spending in check. It is the largest- StarOffice
7 delivery in North America, with more than 2.5 million students having
access to the alternative office suite on Windows.

Schools at all levels have chosen the interoperable Star Office suite
instead of more expensive office productivity products because they can
re-invest saved funds into other projects for students, the ministry

StarOffice software is an open-source based, comprehensive office
productivity suite that runs on Solaris, Windows and Linux and is
compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. The StarOffice suite has
an intuitive interface and includes word processing, spreadsheet,
presentation, drawing and database capabilities.»


Additional reporting:


Case Study: Hentzenwerke Publishing switches to Linux
«The third function was to determine if we were going to get hung up with
exchanging data with outside entities. As with internal data conversion,
this step turned out to be a non-issue. OpenOffice.org reads Microsoft
Office files with ease, although we’re finding more and more people are
sending files in Adobe .PDF format, which is also readable by a variety
of open source tools that come standard with popular distributions. And
the graphical images that we exchange are also platform-independent.»



Sun lands bank deal for Java Desktop System
«Sun Microsystems’ Java Desktop System (JDS) is to be deployed on
7,500 desktops throughout Allied Irish Bank’s (AIB) branches.
The network will run the Linux-based JDS software, and the deployment
includes the migration of branch applications. The roll-out is
planned for next year as part of AIB’s New Branch Banking Platform.»



Munich Seeks Bids For Municipal Linux Migration
«The city of Munich in Germany will officially kick off its much
publicized Linux migration project on July 1 but it remains unclear
which vendors will nail the $40 million contract, a spokesman said.»

«The project entails the migration of 14,000 desktop and notebook
computers from Microsoft Windows and Office software to Linux and

«In the same press release, the city said it had entered a pilot
project with German applications giant SAP to adapt SAP for

«Meanwhile, Novell announced a major Linux win with another European
city even as Munich begins the vendor selection process for its 40,000
seat migration. On Tuesday, Novell’s SUSE Linux subsidiary announced it
had landed a contract to migrate the server infrastructure of the
largest city in Norway » Bergen — from Unix and Windows servers to a
Linux infrastructure based on SUSE Enterprise Server 8 platform. The
deal will impact 50,000 users, according to a statement released by


Additional reporting:

City of Treuchtlingen
The City of Treuchtlingen is using StarOffice in a Sun Ray
ultra-thin client environment. The interesting part of the
German article below is the link to an end user survey.
According to the survey the users are very happy with the
new environment. Here is one sample statement from the

«Compared with the former equipment (MS Windows NT4/Novell/Zen
1997-2001) I like the new environment

0% absolutely not
25% similarly well
50% better
16,67% I would like to have it at home, too.»


City of Wolfsburg evaluates Linux Desktop
According to the articles mentioned below the City of Wolfsburg
will have 21 employees testing a Linux desktop in parallel to
their existing Windows desktop.


State Brandenburg interested in open source
The article below says that the state Brandenburg is



France looks to open-source in challenge to Microsoft
«Civil Service Minister Renaud Dutreil told Reuters that France
wants to use open-source software providers to resupply part of
the almost 1 million state computers under a government
cost-cutting drive designed to trim a bulging public deficit.
«The competition is open,» he said. «My estimate is that
we can cut the state software bill at least in half.»

At stake, in the case of office suite software alone, is
about $362.5 million worth of software to be introduced to
state computers over three years. Savings on operating
systems could be of a similar amount, officials said. »



Successful migration to OOo
Summary of article into English from Dutch:
The CIBG (Brussels, Belgium) switched about 100 users to OpenOffice.org
for practical reasons rather than the basis of ideology. The migration
went smoothly.

http://www.cibg.irisnet.be/ci/NL/Supports/Communicatie/Press (Dutch)

[Submitted and translated by Arthur Buijs]


Battle of the giants
«COMPUTER giants Sun Microsystems and Microsoft are battling it out
for dominance in the Hungarian education sector.

On May 4, Sun announced that it had concluded a deal with the Hungarian
Education Ministry which would make the application suite StarOffice 7
available for free to staff and students at all of Hungary’s 5,500
schools and 67 higher education institutions.

The program has previously operated successfully in other countries,
but has only now been introduced in Hungary.»



From Microsoft Desktops To Linux Thin Clients
«Rajesh Kumar, Business Manager-India, Focuz Infotech (The Linux
integrator and support provider for Central Excise Cochin), said,
“The fact that Central Excise & Customs – a premier government body
in India – has shifted their Microsoft based network to Linux, is
the strongest example that supports the new trend of shifting to
Open Source from proprietary technology.” »



PC Gemilang: Linux outsells Windows
» Ten thousand PC Gemilang units were sold in the first few months
following the brand’s debut, of which more than 7,000 were Linux-based
machines. Pikom said the Linux PC generated the highest demand due to
its attractive price.

The PC Gemilang project was kicked off in March with two models:
A RM988 PC running a Linux-based operating system and bundled with
the OpenOffice productivity suite; and a RM1,147 desktop with the
Bahasa Malaysia version of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system
and Works Suite 2004.»



NSW Roads kicks out Exchange for Sun, deploys Mozilla
«The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will migrate 1500 users
across 120 offices from Microsoft Exchange to Sun’s Java Enterprise
System messaging and calendar servers for e-mail and calendaring.

As part of the contract, the RTA will also deploy Sun’s Staroffice
productivity suite for wordprocessing, spreadsheets and presentation
development; the open source Mozilla browser will be used for accessing
e-mail and calendar information.»


Novell Australia leads global Linux migration, dumps MS Office
«The migration, which will see staff across the globe using SuSE Linux
systems running OpenOffice, is partly motivated by broader commercial

«However, Novell Asia Pacific CIO Sam Gennaoui said that there was also
a basic financial argument for the shift. «We are like any other
company; we still have ROIs to deliver,» he said.»

«Around 90 per cent all of the company’s 350 Asia-Pacific staff, half
of whom are based in Australia, have started using OpenOffice as a
replacement for Microsoft’s Office suite.

Reaction so far has been positive. «There always tends to be some
pushback from users, but there’s a sense of willingness to embrace the
new technology,» Gennaoui said. The local operation is «way ahead of
the movement» in the rest of Novell, he added. «We have a smaller base
of users and we’re more flexible.»

Novell has also developed a number of custom enhancements to OpenOffice
to help migrate common internal document templates. The source code for
those enhancements will be made available to the broader OpenOffice



OpenOffice.org bundled with ‘UKZan Pulsar64’
OpenOffice.org bundled with computers

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